Information on the processing of your personal data by D.M.F. Srl


Your personal information is important to us.

We intend to collect, manage and store them with care, attention, precision and, above all, with the utmost respect for your rights and with your full awareness.

We of D.M.F. s.r.l., owner of the processing of personal data provided through the portal, we want to illustrate the methods and purposes with which we will treat your personal data. Please read this information carefully and ask us any questions by writing to: We will be happy to provide you with any clarification.

This information was prepared pursuant to art. 13 of the DLGS n. 196/2003 (so-called PRIVACY CODE) and updated on the basis of the new EU Regulation no. 2016/679 of 27.04.2016 (GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION: GDPR), already in force and applied from 25 May 2018.


By “DATA” we mean information; for “PERSONAL DATA” we refer to information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. For example, your personal NAME, your E-MAIL ADDRESS, your DIGITAL IMPRESSIONS, your PHOTOTHERNESS is a personal data. Through any of these personal data it is indeed possible to trace back to your person.

By “TREATMENT” we mean any activity of collection, registration, organization, conservation, consultation, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, diffusion, cancellation or destruction of personal data. For example, when you sign up for the newsletter, you are asked to enter your name, email, in our DATABASE: this insertion is one of the possible ways of processing your personal data.


We collect personal data strictly necessary for your registration to newsletters and communications of

Such personal data are:



We do not collect SENSITIVE DATA, that is, able to reveal your racial and / or ethnic origin, your religious beliefs, philosophical or otherwise, political opinions, membership of parties, trade unions, associations or organization of a religious or philosophical nature , political or trade union, your state of health or your sex life.

Through the portal we do not knowingly collect personal data of anyone under the age of 18. If you are under 18 and are interested in our initiatives, you can write to us at privacy @


I – Personal data provided by the user in active form:

For registration to the newsletter of you will need to inform us of the personal data indicated above.

By registering for the newsletter, you will create an ACCOUNT which will be associated with all personal data that you choose to communicate to us. Through a link that we send in every newsletter or communication you will have at any time the right to access the ACCOUNT to insert, modify or delete your personal data.

The personal data you provide will be processed for the following purposes:

a. “Purposes established by law”:

The law may impose certain obligations on those who process the personal data of others. For example, the Judicial Authority, in compliance with the guarantees provided by the legal system, may have access to the DATABASES created by the data controller. In this case, there is an obligation to cooperate with the authorities. Moreover, as you can imagine, we are required to fulfill administrative, fiscal and legal obligations that could involve the transmission of your personal data to the public administration.

The processing of data for the purpose “a)” does NOT provide for specific consent by the party concerned. The provision of data for the “purposes required by law” is OPTIONAL, but the omitted, partial or incorrect communication will make it impossible to establish any legal relationship with us.

Legal basis of the processing of data for the purpose “a)” are the legal obligations to which the Data Controller is subject.

b. “Contractual purposes”:

With this aim we refer to all the processing of personal data strictly necessary to satisfy your requests, such as:

Registration for the “” newsletter;

In our newsletter subscription forms, personal data strictly necessary for the purposes “b)” are marked with an asterisk (*). The collection and processing of such personal data is functional to the provision of the services you wish to request. For example, without the processing of personal data requested from time to time we would not be able to receive and process your registration to the newsletter.

For this reason, the provision of your data for “contractual purposes” is OPTIONAL, but the omitted, partial or incorrect communication will make it impossible to accommodate your requests.

Again for strictly contractual purposes, we may have to communicate your personal data to the subjects indicated below in order to allow treatments strictly related to the provision of the requested services:

Employees or collaborators of D.M.F. Srl;

Communication with these subjects also takes place to respond to your requests. These subjects are adequately qualified and informed of the sensitivity of the processing of personal data and act, with our authorization, in full respect of your rights.

The processing of personal data provided for purposes of a contractual nature does NOT provide for the specific consent of the person concerned or, better said, consent is implied in your contractual request.

Legal basis for processing for purposes “b)” is the contract or the execution of pre-contractual measures taken on your request.

c. “Promotional purposes”:

With the term “promotional purposes” we refer to the broader concept of MARKETING, which includes the following methods of processing personal data:

Sending PROMOTIONAL COMMUNICATIONS related to initiatives such as: events, training courses and seminars, Direct Email Marketing and the like;

Implementation of MARKET RESEARCHES and SURVEYS aimed at knowing the degree of user satisfaction regarding our initiatives, or the user’s opinion on issues related to the topics of our interest (such as finance).

These promotional purposes can be achieved with AUTOMATIC MODE (for example: by sending e-mail to the user, with promotional content).

In order to process your personal data for the purposes “c)” we must obtain your specific consent, free and informed. The consent to the processing for “promotional purposes” is OPTIONAL: your refusal will prevent the carrying out of the marketing initiatives mentioned above, and you will not even be able to benefit from all our other services.

Please note that, once consented to the treatment for the purposes “c)”, you will always be able to change your choice. You can in fact exercise the OPPOSITION RIGHT, by sending a simple communication to this effect to the address Your opposition to the processing of data for “promotional purposes” will extend to automatic processing methods (e-mail, text messages, telephone calls without an operator).

Legal basis for processing for “c” purposes) is your free, specific and informed consent.

II – Data that is collected and processed thanks to access to our portals

When you sign up for our portals, when you browse within them or access the services they offer, you’re already providing some data. This is possible thanks to the automatic acquisition, by the computer systems, of your “navigation data” and through the operation of cookies.

a) Browsing data:

The information systems in charge of the operation of our portals automatically acquire some personal data whose transmission is inevitable when using Intenet.

This is information that is not collected to be associated with identified individuals, but that could allow users to be identified. For example, with your access to our portal, or with the requests for services indicated therein, you can acquire data such as IP address, domain names of the computers you use to connect to the site, addresses in URI notation (” Uniform Resource Identifier “) of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used in submitting the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (success, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the operating system and the user’s computer environment.

These data are used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information on the use of the portal and to check its correct functioning and are deleted immediately after their processing.

b) Cookie Policy:

To make it as easy as possible to access the site with any technology, the type of browser and the operating system you are using are automatically registered and the IP address assigned by your Internet service provider. The total number of visitors to the site is also recorded in an aggregate manner; no personal data is acquired in these procedures.

The Site does not use cookies to transmit personal information of surfers, nor are used c.d. persistent cookies. The use of c.d. session cookies (which are not permanently stored on the User’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow safe browsing and efficient site.

The legal basis of the processing of personal data acquired through access to our portals is always the contract, the execution of pre-contractual measures and, in any case, the need to allow the user access to the sites and the functionality of these .


It is important for us that you are well aware of the RIGHTS that the Italian and European law recognize you as interested in the processing of personal data that you have given us.

As an interested party to the processing of data, you are in fact entitled to ask us:

access to the personal data you have given us: in this case, we will provide you with a paper and / or electronic copy of your personal data in our possession, accompanied by some information, such as the origin of the same (that is to say who and how they were collected), the purposes and methods of processing, any recipients of data communication, the retention period (when possible); the name of the owner or any co-owner and, if appointed, of the controller, both internal and external;

the correction of personal data that you have given us, if erroneous, or their modification or integration;

the cancellation of your personal data that you have given us, or their transformation into an anonymous or pseudonym, or, again, the blocking of data processed in violation of the law;

the limitation of the processing of data that you have given us: for example, you can ask us to delete the processing carried out for purposes of commercial promotion, or for sending the newsletter;

the transfer of all the data you have given us (so-called “portability”) to another data controller; for example, if you wish to receive commercial information from a bank or a football club, you can avoid giving all your details again. At your request, we will “package” your data in a structured format and transfer it to the subjects identified by you;

You also have the right to object to the processing of personal data that you have given us.

Some of the above rights may be exercised directly by you, by accessing your account through a link included in all our communications and proceeding with the simple operations of unsubscription or modification of data and services.

In any case, you can exercise all these rights by sending a simple email communication to the following email address: Our operators will quickly process your request.

We remind you that if you believe that we have in any way violated your rights, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (


We keep your personal data for variable periods of time depending on the specific purposes for which they are collected:

Purpose “a” (“Purposes established by law”): for as long as required by Italian and EU regulations;

Purpose “b” (“Contractual Purposes”): for the entire period of validity of the contract;

Purpose “c” (“Promotional Purposes”): for a maximum of 24 months from the date of the consent;

It is possible, and indeed highly probable, that you give us the same personal data for more than one of the purposes described: in this case, the retention period will be the maximum period foreseen by this information (for example: data supplied for contractual purposes and for promotional purposes, if the contract is valid for more than 24 months – maximum time for processing data for purposes “c” – the data may still be processed for the entire period of validity of the contract).


D.M.F. Srl, based in Bergamo, Via G.Tiraboschi 75 is the owner of the processing of personal data collected and, in this quality, takes decisions regarding the purposes and methods of the processing.

For all information, questions, requests and objections to the processing of your personal data, you can write to the data controller by sending an e-mail to the address:

D.M.F. Srl, based in Bergamo, Via G.Tiraboschi 75 is responsible for the processing of personal data collected and managed by


This information was drafted and updated to 24 May 2018. We reserve the right to update it and integrate it in case of new EU legislation. Any modification or update of the information will be brought to your knowledge through the communication details that you will confer with your data.


Our cookie policy

This section is dedicated to our Privacy Protection Policy. Here you can learn more about the origin and use of the browsing data processed during your visit to our site as well as your related rights. This Policy is important for you in order to have the best possible experience on our site and maximize your confidence in our services. It is important for us in order to fully and accurately answer any questions you may have about your visit to our site and to fully understand your expectations.

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(d) Accepting cookies

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Expressing your choices online through multi-sector initiatives

The digital advertising professionals of the European Association EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance), managed in UK by the Interactive Advertising Bureau UK, offers a website at Youronlinechoices.

Here you will find a list of the companies that belong to this initiative and which offer you the opportunity to accept or reject the cookies used by these companies to customize their advertisements to your browsing data:

This is a centralized European interface that is shared by hundreds of internet advertising professionals allowing you to express your acceptance or rejection of cookies which may be used to customize the advertisements displayed on your data terminal to your browsing data. Note that this does not preclude the display of advertisements on the websites you visit. It will not block the technologies that can customize advertisements to your interests.