Logo AdvisorWorld 400x250AdvisorWorld is a financial portal created exclusively for institutional investors, and specifically for Consultants, Advisors and Advisors networks that require daily informations for their work.

2013: AdvisorWorld replaces IFAWorld (the first Italian portal dedicated to the world of independent financial advisory fee only).

AdvisorWorld greatly expands the content offered and is designed to be a place of reference for everything related financial advice and is intended for financial advisers, promoters, officers with the family and the related networks.
AdvisorWorld is essentially a tool of daily work for the Consultant / Promoter, is in fact able to provide all the relevant information in order to perform in the best way your own business and to be always up to date on industry news.
Users within the portal can take advantage of a whole range of services designed for their needs, such as a newsletter service.
Ample space is devoted to the analysis of equities, bonds, commodities and currencies, as well as asset allocation and portfolio in ETFs and not.

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